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Entertainment | TV Review: BBC Sherlock - Series 4 (with spoilers!)

The recent series of BBC Sherlock left me very much inclined to disagree with the popular saying "no sh*t, Sherlock" because there was, quite frankly, a fair bit of sh*t. This post will probably end up focusing most on The Final Problem as that's freshest in my memory as I write, and is the episode where many of my issues with this series lie. Sadly, it seems, gone are the days of grippingly mysterious cases and the cleverly faked suicide that kept the nation guessing for 2 years - as Sherlock has declined into a bit of a mess.

History | Odd Things That Happened in History

Hello all! I realised recently that, although I'm a History student and History is one of my favourite things, it's never really made much of an appearance on my blog, a place where I aim to write about "whatever interests me". I was a little unsure about how popular a History-themed post might be on my blog, but after I aired my concerns on Twitter and many of you encouraged it I thought I'd go for it! This post contains only a few little anecdotal tales as I wanted to test the water, as it were. But if you'd like to see more posts on History, please let me know as I had lots of fun writing it!

Money | Spending Bans Aren't Fun, Here Are Some Alternatives

January. It's the calm after the financial storm of Christmas and the Boxing Day sales, and the month where many of us, often inspired by new year's resolutions, put ourselves on spending bans. I personally have never liked the idea of a spending ban. It's - simply put - not fun, and it creates a feeling of punishment, which isn't a particularly positive vibe to be surrounding yourself with. So what are some good alternatives?

Entertainment | Why Good Girls Revolt Deserves a Second Season

I recently finished watching the first season of a show called Good Girls Revolt on Amazon Prime. The show is set in USA and loosely based on the true story of a group of women researchers who sued Newsweek in 1970 for denying equal opportunities to their female staff. After I'd marathoned the ten episodes available, I was saddened to learn that Amazon Prime had cancelled the series and whether it gets a second season depends entirely on whether another network picks it up. Whilst there's nothing I can do about this, I have nonetheless decided to do what we bloggers usually do with our opinions, and write a blog post.

Life | Five Resolutions for 2017

And so another year comes to a close (whilst we all wonder where on earth the time has gone) and as we look forth to a new year, many of us make resolutions. I don't often like to make resolutions for the new year, holding the view that one should be able to make resolutions anytime of the year. However, this year I've had a slight change of heart and so, here I am, writing this very post.

Beauty | Christmas Haul, ft. Soap & Glory, The Body Shop and No7

Hello all! I hope everyone's had a wonderful Christmas and is able to end this wild year of 2016 on some sort of positive note. Of course, the blogosphere is currently inundated with Christmas haul posts and if you came here hoping to escape that, this is not the post for you. Whilst I got a lot of non-beauty bits for Christmas, such as a gorgeous SLR camera (which I very excitedly used for this post's photos), I figured a large amount of my 'Christmas haul' were beauty products that I'll definitely want to post about in detail sometime in the future, so this post is perhaps serving as a little bit of a sneak peek into what beauty bits and bobs will be making their appearances on my blog in the near future!

Entertainment | Immersive Theatre Review: The Great Gatsby by The Guild of Misrule at Theatre Deli, Sheffield

It's the roaring 1920s - an era of bootleg liquor, red hot jazz and some of the most swinging parties in town. Created across Theatre Deli's labyrinthine building on The Moor, step into a heart-racing adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's seminal jazz-age story.The cocktails will be flowing, the music will be loud, one of Jay Gatsby's infamous parties is in full swing.The Guild and Theatre Deli have created a night out like no other. Over two and a half hours you will dance, chase and infiltrate your way through one of the greatest stories of the twentieth century. Come and join the party.

Entertainment | Who's in My Funko Pop! Mystery Box? (With Discount Code!)

As some readers may know, I'm a big fan of Funko POP! figurines and have collected a few myself. I recently decided to try out Pop In A Box, the subscription service, as they had an offer on and I thought I deserved to treat myself (famous last words, I know!)

Homeware | Fun and Festive Gifts from Uncommon Goods

And so Christmas storms the blogosphere, with every post you see being full of festive spirit! Not one to miss out on such a thing, I thought I'd write today's post on a gift company from the USA called Uncommon Goods. Gathering artists and designers from all around the USA, they recently started shipping to the UK too and have some really lovely and quirky gifts on offer that would be perfect for a loved one this Christmas!

Life | Sharing a Hobby: Swing Dance

It has been said by friends of mine at home that I talk about the University of Sheffield's Swing Dance Society an awful lot. But in the space of simply a few weeks of attending classes, it quickly became one of my favourite activities at university. Swing dance societies exist in universities up and down the country, and failing that, there are plenty of other places to learn swing or to go social dancing. As it's such a favourite hobby of mine I've decided that it needs blogging about, so here goes!